Move mouse - Change direction you are looking/walking in
Left Click – Drill
Right Click – Place object


F1 - Hold for in-game help
ESC - Toggle Main Menu

Navigating the world

W – Forward
S – Back
A – Left
D – Right
[Space] – Jump, when in fly mode increases horizontal position
X - When in fly mode, Decrease horizontal position
[LEFT] SHIFT - Run or fly fast

Interacting with the world

Backspace – Toggle headlamp.
G – Use object
E - Toggle inventory screen
Q - Toggle quickselect sidebar
T - Toggle tools menu
R - Rotate Block or Construction
[LEFT] CTRL - Hold to see where power is available
DELETE - Delete Construction

M - Toggle Modeling Menu (see Modeling for more)

Maps and spawnpoints

O - Toggle overview map & spawnpoints
HOME - toggle minimap
PAGEUP - minimap zoom out
PAGEDOWN - minimap zoom in

Player interaction

J - Chat All
H - Toggle Chat History
K - Toggle Player Achievements and Ranking overview menu
TAB - Toggle Online Users administration

Function keys

F2 - Toggle Signal Lines Edit
F4 - Set Base Level in Model Editor
F5 - Send feedback to developers

F8 - Toggle overlay with technical information including fps, coordinates and other.
F9 - Toggle Accelerate Time menu
F10 - Toggle freezing visual frame while game runs
F11 - Makes a screenshot in the screenshots folder