Game Help

When you enter your world for the first time there is endless nature. So now you want to create and shape the world to build your empire, create a city, or just build a house.

The main controls


Change direction you are looking/walking in
Left Click
Right Click
Place object

Bring up your inventory
Show selection list (you drag things here from your inventory and then can use 0-9 to quick select)

Use object
Its dark! Turn on a headlamp

Will provide you help in-game if you forget.

Part 1 - Setting up a base

All constructions start with the Constructions Platform. First find somewhere with a bit of space, Press E to get your Inventory, click Constructions, then drag your “Construction Platform” into the world. Now when the box grid turns white it is flat enough to place. Right click and your platform will be placed.

Climb up onto your platform and now we will place a few machines. The first is the factory. As before click and drag onto the world and right click to place. Then the same with the power transformer (I like to put it near an edge).

When you die or first come into the world you enter on your spawn point. So put this wherever you want to appear. You can move this of course. Again drag from Inventory (E).

Now we switch to a battery. This is under manufactured blocks but instead of dragging to the world, which throws it away (and then you can collect again), just click once on it and then press E. Now wherever you right click to place an object a battery will appear.

To charge the batteries we connect them to the transformers. Select a “Power Isolator” from Manufactured Blocks. Click on the batteries and on the transformer and then a wire should appear. If it doesn’t you can always manually link Power Isolators by right clicking on them in turn. A wire can only stretch so far though so you might need to break up long runs with more Isolators.

And finally to get power we need a power source. You start with a number of solar panels so lets use them. Place them and link to the transformer.

Now we can use the power. The power radiates within a certain area so place a LED Panel nearby. G turns it off and on. Remember to turn out your lights or your power drains!

Part 2 - Using the factory

So what if we need more Solar Panels? Well we can create them in the Factory. So goto your Factory and Press G. Then find the block you want to create, in this case Manufactured Blocks and then Solar Panel. Double click on it. It shows you what you need to make the block. If you have enough resources click Go. You now have another solar panel.

Part 3 - Make an explosion

So in order to build your world, or admittedly for more destructive purposes… you can place C4. In order for it to blow up you need a detonator, and in order for the detonator to trigger you need a timer. So place these blocks and then set the timer (G) and RUN!

Part 4 - Make a fire

A detonator can be used with more than just C4. It can be used to make a fire. Be careful though, just like the real world a forest fire can be dangerous!

Part 5 - Using the QuickSelect and dropping blocks

If there are blocks you would like ready access to whilst you are building a house or your world, you can drag blocks from your Inventory to your quick select. They stay in your inventory just you can quick select them from the keyboard, (-0-9 selects them). Right click to place as normal once selected.

Drag a block to the world if you want to drop it. Then someone else can pick it up.

Part 6 - Placing 'constructions'

So by now you’ve been exploring the world, mining for resources, and have built your house. In this video we show you some of the things you could do in your house like build a kitchen.