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Power grid selector

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Power grid selector
I got a main "base" and a few mining caves around my map and i wanted to have light on the location where i am, with out getting worried about draining the batteries at night. 

So fare i have come up with this solution:

From the left side:
1. Are the wind tubines and solar panels going down to transformer and on to batteries. 
2. Are for light near windturbines and underwater base 
3. Are connected to a transformer far far away in a cave with ALOT of iron.
4. Goes down to the first mine i made and its getting huge so i need light to find my way back.

So anyways when i need to power off 2, 3 or 4 i simply "destroy" the middle power isulator. 
(look at picture 2 - i have disabled the lights in the mine on wire 4)

This solution are also good if you got a Force Field activated and you dies and spawns outside. . . 

Anyone else got a idear for an on/off build ?
Power switches are coming to BAW soon - but until then this is a clever setup! Thanks for sharing. :)