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Game Suggestions
Hey there!

Loving Build a World, you guys have done an awesome job so far.

Here's my input:

We badly need some kind of GPS / Mapping system. I've found tons of interesting places i want to build outposts in, but I keep loosing my way to them!

Some kind of numerical on the icon of the item you currently have in your hotbar to let you know how much of said item you have left.

Some kind of transport for the pump, so your able to fill e.g a swimming pool.


More aggressive animals, such as Bears (Depending on the type of environment you are in) maybe scorpions in the deserts. That kind of thing.

A combat system so we can defend ourselves against those pesky wolves! (bonus points for sentry turrets).

Please add some kind of GPS in, even a compass would be great. Navigating all this beautiful terrain is a nightmare without some kind of directional ability :)

Thanks for building such an awesome game, and letting us play it so soon!
Spawn points should always be active so you can teleport between them. For example, maybe you can have the option to name them and can select which one you want to travel to from a menu.
You can get coordinates of your current location along with all kind of other game stats by pressing F8 - it's not as good as an actual map, but it will make navigating alot easier...
Some kind of integrated maps where you can make points with annotations and show spawn points and stuff would be a big relief.