Add Enlighten technology from Geomerics

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Add Enlighten technology from Geomerics
Add Enlighten technology from Geomerics:

Geomerics has come up with a very efficient and responsive way to do global illumination by light bouncing.

It apparently scales really well from mobile to desktop.

To quote Geomerics:
Enlighten gives game designers the ability to dynamically update light and materials at runtime.

This makes new gameplay elements possible including player-controlled lighting and drastic changes in level geometry through destruction, all while maintaining consistent and high quality lighting.

Geomerics also claims time of day changes are possible in massive worlds.

And many other features:

Here is a comparison image showing an indoor scene with and without Enlighten technology:
Comparison chem lab with and without Enlighten

If I had to choose between Enlighten and Silverlining SDK I would prefer Enlighten appearing in Build A World.