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Wish List Some ideas

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Wish List Some ideas
Here are some idea's/wants for in the game:

- autonomous digging vehicles,
being able to tell them to dig out a tunnel with a plan fed to the on board computer.
Made from blocks that can be used separate to make all kinds of creative digging, mining vehicles.
(This will of course require following functional blocks, wheels, driver seat and controls for steering and other things, drilling blocks, transport blocks, engine blocks and other.)

- model editor with parameters that are randomisable with ranges or user settable.
Would allow all kinds of more unique buildings. Being able to choose in certain places what blocks to use randomly from a chosen set of textures, blocks.

- scanning equipment for locating resources, preferably including counterparts to the stuff that are available in real life.

- make the depth of the world deeper and let it end in magma
Like the earth's crust is rock and the deeper you go the warmer it gets until you get into the mantle where everything is magma.
Deep enough so when you explode a nuke under a building to blow up it's foundations you can't see the bottom floor of the world. Deep enough to have at normal level be able to make big mines with 100 - 200 metres deep mineshafts.

- different kinds of roads than only the tree lane roads in the current cities.
More like real cities, including single direction roads consisting of only one lane and a big three lane in both directions roads and everything in between.
Including roads with bicycle lanes and parking's.

- have villagers have life cycles, routines and tasks that need to be done, e.g. a farm needs to be farmed, radioactive waste needs to be handled properly, villagers and city people need to get or buy food and so on. Get kids, grow old and die.

Radioactive waste handling: first in a cooled storage space, they air cooled then stored in caskets deep underground.
If this is not being done properly or correctly the radioactive waste leaks out and contaminates it's surroundings.

- Graphite resource block.

- White sand and yellow sand including blends, white sand is titaniumdioxide and yellow sand is siliciumdioxide.

- Add wiki information about resources, what they are, how they look and other information. (in what version they appear)

- Large grid battery, currently players make enormous cubes and rectagles ful of small batteries, it would be more convenient and efficient if there would be large grid batteries introduced. Maybe add a function to automatically group batteries into a bigger battery.

- Add maps and location capabilities.

- More advanced physics with explosions. Add mushroom cloud with nuclear bomb, add sideways forces from explosions and other disasters to buildings. Add blast radius that damages buildings  and stuff. More sideways forces!

- being able to use print screen to make screenshot and pause break button to pause/unpause.

- have the games fps follow the screen usual refresh rate (the one you find on windows control panel for the screen's refresh rate). The current way of doing things makes me get dizziness, nausia.

- stop without saving button in also in maps, not just in model editor

- In the select a tool dialog, when selecting a tool also display use instructions (buttons you can use with it and what they do when clicked)

- Have other disasters also as blocks, meteor block with configurable size etc...

- have stand alone computers and servers off by default when placing them in the world.
This way they don't waste energy, and make sure to be able to turn them off and on. When overloading the grid you could just turn your computers off to lessen demand.

- In fly mode, being able to still run upwards when bumping into things would be handy. You can do this when not in fly mode so why not in fly mode. It allows a player to use stairs in fly mode.

- Let server creator/owners map creators/owners determine the right settings
  Have a good system for how some things get to be decided for a map: who gets to edit it, daylight, fly mode and other things.
Map creators should be able to set preferred settings but server admins should be able to override this.

Servers should keep a list of who gets to build, change blocks, everybody or some players are allowed to build or change the landscape. Maybe with a whitelist and blacklist. New players are, by default, put on the blacklist. (By default server configuration has as much as possible settings set to use map defaults. Maps settings are for settings like daylight, fly mode and others but not things like specific player capabilities, blacklists and whitelists) Of course in maps with roles or story modes, players capabilities must be determined by the story, map creator according to the role assumed in the map and thus not determined by the server admin by default. Default starting settings for maps, story mode maps shouldn't place maps, roles that would override player capabilities determined or other settings by server admin settings.

- for model building and model using have functional blocks in model editor to fill to ground and remove block, x blocks up, down etc....
  Useful for e.g. avoiding floating houses, being able to quickly carve out roads in a landscape.
(As in blocks get replaced with blocks of the model, structure and what the addition, deletion functional blocks say.)
If these are not a good fit for some game modes then don't activate the replacement functionality for model blocks and the addition, deletion functional blocks in those game modes. The replacement, addition and deletion functionality should be active and usable in designer mode and in the model editor.

- function to repeat a structure a number of times (in model editor and when playing in designer mode, maybe other game playing mode )
Think of roads, being able to make long roads in a short time would be very efficient.
Instead of repeating a block, repeating a structure.

- binoculars with zoom in function

- special macro recording capabilities and machinima render mode, for making machinima with special very long distance rendering., non time-critical rendering.

- keep statistics of how many blocks are mined, acquired under what game mode.
This way if you start with a map in designer mode, you know what resources you must mine to be able to do things 'legit' again.
Have the number of blocks mined manually in the interface and the number of blocks used. This allows you to know how much you need to mine to get all the blocks legit! Also tags on blocks that say what blocks are done in designer mode or other so players who want to change can replace all the non-legit blocks with legit ones.

- Minimap and being able to show minimap in interface or when playing on two screens one screen having a big minimap and the other shows gameplay without minimap.

- Advanced generating possibilities for being able to generate entire cities very procedurally.
And usable in model generation, creation.

- Being able to stop, pause the day night cycle at a desired time of day.
   Also for server, map makers. By default the server takes the map settings.
   Map authors can set a fixed time of day to have the say time of day continuously.

- .Add the concept of keys to doors.
   Doors can be locked and unlocked using keys.

-  Add player ID block, block that automatically can identify players, player roles.
   Block can be instructed to give a signal when certain players use it or something it is connected too.
   Could make doors that only open for certain players, or server power users or other roles.

Lots of good suggestion, we all wish we had the manpower to do it all asap. Alot of the things mentioned we sure aim to do in the future. One thing is in the working right now and thats the radiactive waste! (and the meteor will be falling down from the sky one day!) So everyone enjoy the time where having a nuclear powerplant is without risks!


Thanks for replying to my questions and suggestions.