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Atomic Cannon (forget Atomic) (google search)

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Atomic Cannon (forget Atomic) (google search)
I have observed that the forum goes little busy. I am Portuguese and translate this text in google translator. I was a walk in the forum and came into my head one interesting idea. The concept is simple but requires some experience and some change. Who knows the game where you control a tank or a gun and you aim to reach the enemy who is on the other side of the hill? The land is destroyed after the explosion, the enemy takes damage, etc ....
This idea would be interesting to implement if for example we want to destroy a nearby castle or dig a mountain with explosives at a distance. The ammo would cost 10 iron and 1 cannon and TNT would cost 100 iron, 10 copper, and anything else.
The gun would be different from a structure (such as wind generator) to be a single piece that functions as a weapon that has to be put into the soil to be used.
like any shooter, the gun is targeted and shot with the mouse.
This is just an idea. I doubt it's implemented.
even now, the structure should be one piece. I do not say all of them because for example the wind generator is well so be great. say that the smaller 5 x 5 x 5.
I remember the game or at least a version or two of it. It's a game like worms you are talking about. And for sure, it is a gaming experience we think could be recreated in BAW, in many different ways actual. 

What we really want to do though, is to give the tools to you players to invent or create games all by yourself.  We are working on a map mode used for scenarios - where player build maps can be used for battling it out in PvP and that will be reset after play. 

When we get around to implement weapons, i will be very surprised if there is NOT going to some kind of artillery you can construct. But i do also hope that there will be alot of other options to play with. Like springs and valves, maybe steam presure, that used with explosive, also can resemble a canon.