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Progress? Still active?

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Progress? Still active?

What is the procces of the game? Are you still developing a new update to the game? All updates is like ages ago and i feel like build a world is slowly dieng in the corner. Do you guys have plans to maybe wake it up so you can finish the game?

Looks like it's dead.  Went to Next Upgrade thread, post there is October last year.  Reply was very soon. We're now 8 months on and nada.

It's not dead. The last Build A World update is from

Following is from the changelog of the game,
as you can see the last update has happened this week
But I share your concerns about the developers, they should be a bit more active in the forum too.
Look at the uploads at the youtube channel, the last update is also very recent:

Most recent part of changelog content:
Update 15-06-2015 (version 0.6612/rev.2164)

New Features:
- Notes and Signs now also pastes into the world (when pasting models)
- ocean waves now have height according to wind
- Explosions now also removes 50% 'light' blocks (windows, leaves) around the explosion

- Trainscollision bugs and more
- sometimes parts of minimap would not update anymore

- Client now uses multiple threads when saving to the cache at disconnect/stop map/quit
- Powersystem optimized a lot (part0and1,psr7,psr5merge,indexlist)
- Only send out powerlines if new has been added or some removed
- dont send out 'haspower' to all regions, if user is not subscribed
- dont send out moblist, if empty
- send less train msgs

Update 01-06-2015 (0.6607/rev.2107)

New Features:
- Notes
- Signs

- Traincollision fixes
- Minimap Server crash

- Powersystem optimized


Update 12-05-2015 (0.62/rev.2009)
New Features:
- Tracks: 7 new train track types added.
  - Straight track is added in inventory (in new separate tab), with factory recipe for survival mode.
  - Track tool is added in Tools menu, use it for extension of track sets.
  - New track extension mode/menu is added, to allow extension of track sets.
    Settings are added to allow easy track integration in world: Add underlay and removew blocks above neew tracks.
  - Track controller blocks added to track, to allow placewment of trains, train run behavior etc.
  - Track removal by DEL key.
  - Tracks are enabled for electrical power distribution and supply for trains.
    Power is connected by powering the block next to the track controller block.

- Trains: 6 new train types added, more will be released in small batches (17 total so far).
  - Trains added in inventory (in new separate tab), with factory recipes for survival mode.
  - Train interaction by clicking anywhere on train surface.
  - Train ride mode added, with individual seat for every train type.
  - Control trains manually or by train track command settings (autopilot mode).
  - Train collision detection for other trains.
  - Train collision destruction, will convert into debris blocks.
  - Connect trains into groups by using manual control at shunting speed in train ride mode.
  - Disconnect trains in groups, by using new interaction point, at train ends.
  - Fuel trains using 'Coal' blocks and the new 'Diesel Fuel' blocks, if available in the inventory system.
    (Electrical locos are powered by connecting the tracks to the world power systems.)
  - Train removal by DEL key.

- Button in User Menu for teleporting to other online players. Available in Designer mode only.
- Expert Mode added to Modeling mode/menu, for faster operations for the experienced player.
- New sound occlusion functionality, for subdued sound experienced for far-away or obstructed sound sources.

 - Improved handling of constructions and partial contructions in models
   (constructions with meshes and hidden blocks, like train tracks, doors etc.).
 - HUD and GUI color changed.
 - Radio buttons and buttons fixed.
 - New mini-map/radar coloring.

 - Optimized pipe system.
 - Optimized solar power system and battery system.
 - Optimized construction list handling.
 - Optimized world region load handling.
 - Updated shaders for trains, glass etc.

Thanks Peter, good to know.

IT's for sure a little shamefull that we haven't communicated her on the website for a while. We are busy working on alot of interesting things. And now we are getting around to communicating again ! The most important news here is that we are still working on the game and we have finally gotten some funding to actual get on with some of the things we really want to do. A new webpage is being sketched out atm, train and track building are shaping up to be really awesome, and we are looking forward to see what players can do with 3D-model import. But everything in good time - And the time is soon - like late summer/early autum. To see whats in making take a look at the facebook site where we most of our communcation have been going on for a while.