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Is BAW dead?

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Is BAW dead?
It looks like the BAW team is making more updates, but there are TWO POSTS (now three) on the forums from 2015 so far. If BAW is dying, I'd be willing to help spread the word of this amazing game.
Nah, the developers have a habit to do a long silence between releases.
This radiosilence can take months but usually gets broken once they do a big release.
They really dont use the forum, last post was in 2014. The facebook page have last post 4 days ago

The website is getting a ground up redesign (we can't develop and webmaster at the same time, and finding the appropriate person took a while), also bear in mind that the forum has a horrible color scheme right now so that's why you're seeing little activity on it.

We are doing a BIG release soon, also we post on the facebook page quite regularily.

The wiki is steadily expanding every day, and there is a youtube video every fortnight or so.