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Will there be anyway to change the volcanoes in upcoming "patch"? 

Im starting to get nervous since they (volcanoes) are getting close and close to my build sites and more often (it feels more often) 
Spending alot of time on a project and see it destroyed by a volcano. I think most of us would hate to see it happen. 
you should walk out a bit and expand your map so the area in which the volcano randomly spawns is larger
My map is 3584 x 3584 should that not be enough ?

The last 3-4 volcanoes are pretty close and abit fare away i got 2 volcanoes within 100-200 meter of each other  

This has been fixed. New volcanoes appear random place, but then stay at their spot! :-)
Okay but don't let them generate too much. They shouldn't be too common.