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The Intel Thread [Not for the faint of heart]

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The Intel Thread [Not for the faint of heart]

-- Any other Intel GPU brand than Intel HD Graphics
-- Any Intel GPU on Linux (I blame the driver developers*)
-- Intel HD Graphics 2000 (again, I blame the driver developers**)

* Linux has not got drivers which implement OpenGL higher than 2.1
** For some reason the OpenGL drivers hide features that the GPU has implemented in hardware (DX10 featureset, but the driver implements OGL 2.1) -- this means that there are Geometry Shaders in DX mode but not in OGL mode 

Plus the other thing is that there are no Intel drivers for download for Linux, Intel contributes to Open Source XD by having an inferior (10x slower than Windows drivers) version maintained by no-one-knows who on some wbsite which looks like it hasn't  been updated in a while. And of course the drivers are only available as source, which you then have to compile.

So in essence the version of the driver is tied to what your benevolent distro developers manage to build and feed you as updates. But we all know that there are problems relying on your distro's update cycle for gfx drivers even with popular drivers  (NVIDIA's 310 was out as stable for 4 months before the ubuntu crew updated the version in the repo from 304 -- despite that it gave 2x performance increase in some games).

The sad truth is that Intel knows that your local EpicBuy, PCUniverse (lets not name actual shops here) or some other 'specialist' shop (which will tell you that an i7 has 12 cores and that 8GB of RAM (1066Mhz with 13ns CAS) will make your computer run faster) will trick you into buying a laptop with "brilliant HD graphics" for $900 when in-fact you could have had a laptop with a REAL GPU for $100 less.

Intel has too easy a job selling their GPUs, it doesn't have to compete with AMD or NVIDIA because their product just gets forcibly included with every CPU (taking up space in a laptop scenario). If NVIDIA did as a lousy job with their drivers, everyone would switch to AMD (some time ago AMD had - some say still has - awful drivers for Linux, so people who intended to use it, always bought NVIDIA)

And there comes the TOTALLY AWESOME thing, Intel engineers make GPUs which are barely-in-their-generation-at-the-time-of-release (it often happens that the new version of DirectX has been out for 1.5 years and Intel still doesn't support it - Intel only started supporting DX11 with Ivy Bridge). But then the driver team makes drivers which:

-- Don't expose the functionality that has been built in - functions for which SILICON HAS ALREADY BEEN LAID OUT (i.e. DMA for texture streaming without CPU stall)
-- Supports a higher feature set in DirectX than OpenGL (the hardware doesn't need to be any different for DX10 or OGL 3.3)
-- Fail miserably (I could crash/freeze a laptop with a GLSL shader on Intel HD 2000 or Intel GMA)
-- Fail to even comply with DX or OGL specifications (code which is totally correct according to standards, code which works on all models of AMD and NVIDIA - fails to run, execute or produce consistent results on Intel hardware)

The last point is the most hilarious, we will have to make two versions of code for the "distance fog" because Intel hardware doesn't understand that alpha of 0% means full transparency/fog and not total visibility. Intel just cant do Front-To-Back alpha blending. After I corrected for this in the original shader, the sun started showing through the nearby walls on NVIDIA and AMD.

I even have a fun picture which shows this bug

LAST THING... REMEMBER, IF YOU HAVE AN AMD or NVIDIA card in a laptop, and you experience slowness, or graphical glitches... CHECK THAT Build A World IS USING THE AMD OR NVIDIA (sometimes Optimus or Dynamic Switchable Graphics fail to recognise Build A World as a game so you sometimes have to manually add it to the list in the driver control panels)

P.S. if you escape to main menu and go to Build-A-World's "About" tab , on the right hand side it should say "GPU Vendor" which says who's GPU Build-A-World is using (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel etc.)


However feel free to post your Intel frustrations here and I can attempt to UNOFFICIALLY support (means when I have time and nothing better to do).
If you're on Linux and you desperately want to play on Intel HD Graphics, then you need to get the latest Mesa (Intel is somehow incorporated into that as a driver)

and enable all the restricted extensions (compression, image formats, etc.)

Even with that, remember that Linux Intel driver development has been frozen at OpenGL 2.1 for a few years now... but it will slowly crawl to OGL 3.3 some time soon (as in 2-3 years).

Beware, you may not be able to view some things in the game like particle effects.

Yet once more, our friends at Intel HD Graphics made awful drivers.

The 32bit binary dll behaves completely differently to the 64bit binary dll (ig7icd64.dll and ig7icd32.dll)


64bit game binaries will CRASH or MALFUNCTION!!!!
(as did ours)

So if you have a problem with your Dirt, Need For Speed or etc. game, then maybe you should try running in 32bit mode.

The problem actually occurred only when Adrian got his Asus Zenbook with intel i5 and Intel HD 4000 graphics.

There is a glimmer of hope, as this may be only a windows 8 in 64 bits problem (much like the AMD+win8 64bit issue)

- The 64bit client crashes after the title screen, in the actual intel driver DLL itself (Visual Studio told us so rightfully)
- Shaders are compiled differently between windows 8 stock driver version and the latest driver version from intel's website (in a bad way)

Yeah the shaders actually give more errors and warnings with the newer driver (from intel directly)!!!
and the Intel compiler is even more of a pain in the ass than the AMD one!

we are currently trying win7 drivers installed on win8 in compatibility mode and seeing where this gets us.

if this does not succeed or we dont find a way of arranging our code making OGL calls in a more intel pleasant way..

we'll start shipping 32bit binaries on 64bit installs for compatibility.
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

win7 x86 crashes when trying to join a game.
That's more ancient than Intel HD graphics

Your CPU is pre Arrandale era and has Intel GMA GPU

Did you buy your PC before 2009?
Probably, it's from a friend...And he really wants to play this game :[...what do u recommend?

(sry for the long take answer xD)
When the release version of Build A World comes out in the future. Then buy a new computer.
Not now, but when Build A World is released as non-beta to the public.
P.S. if you escape to main menu and go to Build-A-World's "About" tab , on the right hand side it should say "GPU Vendor" which says who's GPU Build-A-World is using (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel etc.)
Is this tab accessible before logging in after starting Build A World?
(The forum desperately needs a quote element.)


yes it is accessible, just close the login window