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Blew a hole in the limestone floor...

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Blew a hole in the limestone floor...
In the attempt to gauge the size of a tactical nuke's explosion, I placed the nuke against the impenetrable limestone that acts as the floor of the map.  Much to my surprise, the resulting explosion transformed the limestone blocks directly beneath the nuke into the black basalt that typically comes from volcanoes.  Upon removing the basalt, I discovered that I had created a hole in the limestone floor, through which I promptly fell.  I ended up re-spawning after I had fallen far enough that the map had faded off in the distance.  

Here is a picture of the hole; I covered it in glass so that I would not inadvertently fall through it again.

And here is me falling. I hadn't built the force-field generator yet, though I'm sure it would have killed me...

Just thought that this was something cool worth sharing...
this bug has been fixed, so buttom of world cant be destroyed. (for next update).

It would be cool if the game implements the concept of the earth's crust.
The deeper you go, the hotter it becomes until you get to the depth where there is lava everywhere.