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Mouse and Keyboard [Linux]

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Mouse and Keyboard [Linux]

After few tricks i was able to test the game... First thing you guys have down a great job so far... the graphism are very nice and the game mecanism look pretty interesting.

But i've some problem with my keyboard layout (i'm french actually and using an "azerty" layout), and even if i switch to English(US) the ingame keys remain unchanged. (its pretty hard to play cause my W is below my S ;))
plus the mouse pointer seems to operate from the far left of the buttons even few pixels away from them. Maybe its besause the game dont appear in fullscreen.

I will run out of game time to test in depth, but i will probably check the progress of the game from time to time.

Anyway thanks and keep up the hard work.
c ya.
The resolution has to be grater than 1024x768

We will add a Linux full screen option soon
And possibly resolution selection

Sorry about your keyboard, it's obvious we need a key mapper or bindings
i would like to add that, this game is platinum on Wine
If you want to try the game in Wine (its platinum, I always test it and we tried to get it running on Mac OS X)

if it wont run from Linux, may run well as windows 7 or xp compat mode in WineHQ with the 32bit executable

Remember to install vcrun2005 and 2006 winetricks!
Got some controls bug on Linux (Ubuntu 13.04)
When starting the map, character slowly run forward and turns left and up when not touching keyboard and mouse. It looks like when playing games with bad calibrated joystick neutral position.
The problem was caused by Microsft mouse&keyboard set. (Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 300 v2.0).  I unplugged it before starting the game and used typical usb mouse. After starting game works well with plugged MS devices.
hy,  yes i confirm, you really need to do something about the keyboard , with my french G19 i can't even type a @ or any non alphabetic key ... bit hard to logon lol