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Display(text, text boxes, gameplay) is really messed up

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Display(text, text boxes, gameplay) is really messed up
I can't make out the text, there are no text boxes and the gameplay(display) is REALLY buggy!
Same thing happened last weekend after the update. Took them a couple days to fix but everything was back to normal. Hopefully, they'll get this one fixed soon as well.

Does it look the same as this:
Image baw bug text unreadable and weird overlaying shapes

Because if it is, I might have the same problem as you have
yes, it's the same thing. Looks like they've been making some changes, but as of a few minutes ago, still not fixed.

The changelog mentions we have to reinstall BAW: uninstall then download BAW from the download page.
But the download page doesn't have new version available yet.
We need a version after Update 24-02-2016 (version 0.6654/rev.3085), currently the installers on the download page are from 20-02-2016.

Sorry for the delay. And yes, exactly like that.
Tonight when I tried to launch the game it installed some updates again.  I was hoping that they got it fixed, but it was not to be.  Still messed up.
I wonder what's doing it...
Do you use amd or nvidia?

try to update your graphics card.
try to reinstall the game.
Please let me know if it works

This was a huge tangle of bugs in our 3rd party rendering library, after 6 months of work I was able to sort it out.
Most Intels and Radeons should work with today's release

Thanks for fixing the bugs.
Main menu looks much better now.

Post link:
Image in post link:

Nvidia's graphics drivers are said to be too free with what OpenGL code they accept.
That might be the reason why you didn't find them on systems with Nvidia.
It's better if you test with both Nvidia and AMD/Radeon graphic cards and drivers.

And if you want to drop support for Intel. It's okay for me if you drop Intel iGPU's.
They weren't a good fit for BAWs demanding and intensive workloads anyway.