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update 0.61 is out

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update 0.61 is out


Update 8-8-2014 (0.61/rev.1211)
- big teslacoil now misses (25% to 45% miss, according to distance)
- electrical bolts with better effect added (alpha blended)
- powertransformer will now explode if submerged in water and currently has power
- powertransformer will now set on fire if touched by water and currently has power
- small power transformer added
- ability to raise or lower global waterlevels (happens over time when level is changed)
- landscape will change if flooded (basic erosion)
- added traintracks (will be enabled for next release)
- map height is now 384, used to be 256
- maps gets automatically converted to new format, which gives 57 more blocks below
oceanlevel and 71 more above oceanlevel (total 128)
- map generation bug fixed (maps seemed skewed)
- taller buildings in newly generated big cities
- industrial areas can now appear next to a big city (in Big World or Designer Mode)
- minimap added (will require sattelite launched into space in next version)
- FPS increased by 30% on average
- shark spawner block added
- small and medium steam turbines added
- new player achievements added
- powertransformer can now be rotated
- black spots glowing in water - fixed
- underwater wierd textures showing in the fog - fixed

- map format has changed from 32x32x256 to 64x64x384. Also the regions are now split
vertically into 64x64x64 cubes, which gives better occlusion culling
- light bolts can now be transparent (have alpha blending)
- extended the particle system so now we can have axis-aligned particles like lightbolts, sparks and splashes
- gameserver now does not save regions that have not been modified
- multithreaded pathfinding algorith put in (not in use yet)
- soft particles now uses a new transfer function
- render now uses more memory, if available, for more renderthreads
- on 2 or 1 core machine, the lightning is not diagonal, but straight down which is faster
- vertret optimized and using less memory
- smokeless fireemitter added
- explosion/mob collision now much faster
- water occq merged into one and it was simplified with quadtree, so reflections faster
- experimental import of realworld GIS heightdata, roads, houses etc. done (not enabled for now)