Coming Soon

New functional Blocks

Currently we are working on Conveyor Belt blocks and Piston blocks. Our aim is to have 4-8 new functional blocks added per month.

In-game video

This neat little feature will allow you to record HD videos from within the game.
Also in the works, are a TV block, which will let players stream movies directly onto blocks, so you can make TV or a Cinema.

Online Model Library

One of the most important features of the game will be introduced soon. The Online Model Library (OML) will allow you to save blueprints of your buildings etc. and share them with other players. With OML you will have access to all you need to build a metropolis.

Life and death

We are working on the player health bar for the survivor mode in the game. How much damage do you take from falling, getting bitten by wolves etc.

Creative Mode and Experimental Mode

Soon we will enable Custom Mode and Experimental Mode. In Custom Mode you can build with unlimited blocks, models and constructions. In Experimental Mode, you can start volcanos anywhere you like, reverse grativy and play with a number of other experimental settings.

Further down the road

Some of these projects are actually being worked on right now, while others are more the stuff that developers' dreams are made of.

New regions, more to explore

For the exploring player, we want to add regions with the flavor of real life cultures, architecture, terrains aso. We might take you through the wheat fields of Russia to the Chinese Wall or through the Sahara desert to Central Africa.

Pets and farm animals

If you are the more stay at home kind of player, we want to give you challenges in taking care of pets or even a farm full of animals.

Space travel

What is a modern world without space travel? It might not be in the first update, but rest assured, that our developers dream big, whenever they have time to sleep!

Where do we want to take this project?

The real world equals real challenges. We want to make Build a World as close to the real world as possible, with as many of the real world phenomena, mechanics and wonders in the game as we can manage. In a sandbox the real world might be even more fun than anything from the realms of fantasy, and requires just as much from your imagination to deal with.

The current powersystems in BAW are very flexible and easy to use. The user is able to connect power-producing machines, and power-consuming machines or blocks by just attaching power lines between them. Entire power systems can be interconnected, or disconnected on the fly. We want to expand this system with even more machines and constructions that interact with the world. We want players to be able to build a fully working metropolis, with power plants, electricity and a night light to envy.

As for movement and 'transport' in the world, in time we will be adding user-defined energy consuming vehicles, trains, planes, hot-air balloons  submarines and many more.

Animals are to be a part of the natural world. Currently we have a shark, a wolf and a bear, but we want to add plenty more animals for the different zones of the world, so they appear in the natural habitat. Also it will be possible to capture wild animals and tame them, or put them in your own Zoo.

Farming and animal household has been a big request from our testers, so will want to add a full farming aspect, where players can grow crops and harvest. Of course influenced by the effects of the weather and seasons.

As for gaming modes, we are working on teammode and clanmode, which will enable two (or more) players to share inventory, constructions, tools etc. This will be especially interesting in team vs. team mode, or clan vs. clan game modes.

Detailed customisation of the players avatar.

Player achievement and ranking system.

On top of the real world goal, we are adding 'future technologies'. Technologies that are not quite here yet, but could be possible in the next 100 years. How about a Force Field Generator. Some things are just to much fun not to have!